Anurati Pro is a unicase typeface shaped between geometry, sci-fi & luxury.

Great for branding, web and editorial projects, the font offers 2 weights for all kinds of texts and designs. All caps, Anurati Pro provides a futuristic design approach and a sharp personality through a display sans-serif font. Built with passion, modern in its core, the font excels at a large size.
Coming to you directly from the future…

Buy it once and use it for an unlimited number of projects.

196 glyphs — latin wide — .otf, .ttf, webfont

Buy Anurati Pro

Licensing options:
• Free —  Personal use only
• Desktop — 1 Device

• Desktop — 2-5 Devices (for startups, studios, …)
• Web

For more info on licensing options, click here.

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