This is not bold, this is fat & cool!

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Fatkop is the baddest, the fatest font alive (well, maybe!)

Inspired by the delicious cheese lava melting from your triple-steak burger, Fatkop is a fatty display font perfect for BIG storefronts, HUGE titles, OVERSIZED logos. You guessed it, go big or go home.
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319 glyphs — latin — .otf, .ttf, webfont

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Licensing options:
• Desktop — 1 Device
• Desktop — 2-5 Devices (for startups, studios, …)
• Web

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“Well, if you like hamburgers give
’em a try sometime. Me, I can’t
usually eat ’em ’cause my girlfriend‘s
a vegetarian. Which more or less
makes me a vegetarian, but I sure
love the taste of a good burger.
You know what they call a Quarter
Pounder with Cheese in France?”

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