Every typeface or font, when bought, is licensed for a specific use.
Read the different licensing options to find the one matching your needs.

If you want to use fonts for other applications/purposes, please contact me.


This most widely-adopted license allows you to use the fonts you purchased on Desktop Devices. If you want to design a logo or create a business card with any font available on emmeranrichard.fr, this is the licence you need.
Full license.


In order to display a beautiful typography on your website, you will need to purchase a font software web license. Quite simple: you’ll just need to pay once to have a lifetime-use. You will receive a web font file in WOFF format.
Full license.

Personal Use Only SOON!

Every buyable fonts on emmeranrichard.fr comes with a ‘non-commercial-use’ license option, as a demo font. This means you are permitted to download and use the font software for projects where there is no money involved.
Full license.

Free Commercial Use

Free commercial use license is available for Blanka & Figuré fonts. It licenses this typeface under the same terms that they were originally released. This license allows you to freely use the font on commercial projects.
Full license.

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