Elektric Geïsha — Photo Groupe La Dynamo by Clydonnie Ctalope


Elektric Geïsha
芸者 電動

Date  2015

Web design for Elektric Geïsha,
untypical gypsy punk-rock band.

Japan …ish 👹

Elektric Geïsha is a six-man band from Toulouse with a singular gypsy-rock atmosphere.
Mingling experimental and instrumental sounds with electronic vibes, the group released its first album Sushi Bondage in 2009. Then came Mister Sagawa in 2011, and Art Of K EPs in 2013.

After years of tour, Elektric Geïsha will be back in 2020 with new tracks…

Website screens

Elektric Geïsha — Website Screen — Band

Elektric Geïsha — Website Screen — Music

Elektric Geïsha — Website Screen — Photos - Clydonnie Ctalope

Elektric Geïsha — Website Screen — Tour Dates - Shows

Elektric Geïsha — Website Screen — Art Of K

The task at hand was to stay true to Elektric Geïsha raw and nonconformist sound.
With the massive help of Dr Kananga who curated all of the Nippon Z-movies/geisha/bondage visuals, we established a fun and user-friendly website.

Using WordPress as a solution was obvious. The band was able to effortlessly add/remove tour dates on the go or update the content in a snap of a finger.

Website www.elektricgeisha.com
Photos Clydonnie Ctalope & Samuel Brault
Visual content curator Dr Kananga


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