Elle Michalka

Elle Michalka is an Art Director and illustrator from Texas, also known as Eleanor Michalka.

Her art impresses with the way she portrays the grandeur of her landscapes and environments. The richness of her colour palette makes her paintings pop out of boringness.
As a result, you might interpret those paintings as coming from an ancient/modern yet familiar world with tremendous sights!

Here you’ll see various visuals coming from exhibitions hosted by Gallery Nucleus (The Tower and Cathedrals). Different shows where she explored brutal and geometric shapes; tightening a bit closer to the bridge between illustration and graphic design.

Elle worked for companies such as Cartoon Network! on Steven Universe where for instance, you can easily depict her singular imprint. She also was collaborating with the art department on Gravity Falls and Netflix’s The Midnight Gospel (all of these 3 animated shows being highly rated on IMDB). Yes, I didn’t see any of them. Hopefully this situation is about to change!

So, here’s a sneak peek of her beautiful paintings.


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